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Collaboration at Nausicaa with Cypriot composer who Andys Skordis,who lives and works in Amsterdam.

With a shared interest in mythology, ritual and the strange, Andys and I teamed up to present work at Nausicaa24, December 2018. 

Andys creates large scale theatrical compositions that play with breath, performance, repetition to build up tension. The exotic sounds of the Gamelan and gongs bring about a thick atmosphere steeped in a spiritual mysticism which come to characterise a sense of dark magic and contemporary ritual.

Slowly walking into the center, the Composer shows his two faces. From behind, a pale face with larges yes watches the audience, ensuring that they abide by the rules of the ritual. The other mask directs towards the musicians, with focus, it instructs the orchestral ensemble. 

The masks creates a separation between the audience and performers, they belong to another world: a dark spiritual world and through the music they call the audience in. 

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