Artist Statement

Whilst trying to understand the affinity between the object and its representation my work considers the complex relationship between the self and other. Exploring the themes of difference, separation and mergence, I study the fluid boundaries between animate and inanimate objects, between humans and non-human animals.

Like a working bee, drunkenly buzzing from flower to flower in the late summer- I experiment with words, video, paint and sculpture. Video recordings capture objects in their interactive states of being. Ink rolls across the page as thoughts translate to gibbering messes: my writing transcribes the voice of the other, conjuring narrative from the perspective of a whole range of subjects: a human, an animal, the pen that I write with. Sculptural works serve to explore different materials and how they work in relation to each other. Using snake skins, clay, paint and wood together to explore the dialogue that each item creates. Through a process of observational painting I try to understand the relationship between materials and their representation: painting allows me to montage moments in time together in one piece. Much of my work explores the difficulties of objectively describing, categorising and representing plants and animals.




Illustrator for Neville Ness House                        

Illustrating an adult colouring book, producing 50 fine line drawings of complex scenes: architecture, animals and people.

(November-December, 2016)


Exhibitor at Fountayne Road Warrehouse, Summer Festival


Group Exhibition: Exposed, Ben Oakley Gallery

(August, 2016)

Assistant Puppeteer for Mirth and Misery

Working alongside puppeteer Sian Kidd, producing and performing a 30 minute puppet show for Channel 4's the Secret Life of 4 Year Olds

(August, 2016)

Exhibitior at Tower Hamlets Creative Enterprise Event

(May 2016)

Exhibition: Stones of Experience, the Ritzy in Brixton

Exhibiting along side musician Cara Sebastian

(May 2016)

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