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In the great Anthropological tradition of finding beautifully bounded cultures and their prescriptive identities it is with my delight I present found artefacts from the Renodnol Tribe. 

The Bravest of Anthropologists: Dr Finkstu Muck has kindly leant us objects from his personal collection; gifts themselves from the most savage of tribesman.

A site-specific display at Wimbledon's Library. This Peculiar objects indicate the complex lives of their producers.

The items in the exhibition have been carefully curated by Dr Finkstu Muck, his expertise and knowledge of the tribespeople has allowed for a highly sophisticated analysis of the seemingly simple people.


Shelf 1

Item 1: Ethnographic Materials:

Encyclopedia Exert: Definition of 'Ethnographer' From the Oxford British Encyclopaedia, 1930 

Item 2: Ethnographic sketch of Renodnol Ceremonial Site of the daily movement ritual,

a field-site sketch 




Shelf 2


Mundane Rituals of the Renodnol


1.Bovine bone burned in performance: The Sunday Feast Ritual

This bone remains from the weekly Roast Ritual. Commonly the Renodnol slaughter and cook a Bovine or other large animal to celebrate the last day of rest before embarking on their 5 day working tasks.  


Magic Potions:

Coffee: The Renodnol take this drug up to 5 times a day. The Renodnol have become so reliant on this drug that Headaches, altered moods and other withdrawal symptoms occur when drug is scarce.


Tea: This magical herb is believed to have life enhancing benefits 



Originally found amongst the Namircas, this magical objects are believed to have purifying qualities. Without use of which, informants says that their moral fiber will be threatened 



shelf 3



Found Objects 


Tools, craft,

Carved head:

Carved head- 

Part of a full figure- puppet used as part of healing performance

Tools used for carving sacred objects



Shelf 4



1. Drawing by native: 

Drawing of man made birds, we believe the chaotic mark making alludes to how the Renodnol perceive their environment 


2. Useful diagrams that explains the mythology and social structures of tribal societies, original source: Claud-Levi Strauss, Structural Anthropology,

Marks and post-it papers 



shelf 6


Textiles of the Everyday

Wool: packaging for Gusto, a convenience based cooking service that the Renodnol use to help alleviate their community pressures


Blue beads: fashion Statements


Seeds, Rare objects found from inside imported goods


This site specific installation lends itself to the library: a world of written knowledge, shelves and shelves of marked systems, order and classification.


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