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Anthropology Library and Research Center


Whilst I felt a a donation box was more tempting, I felt a committment to learning, participation and engagement was more fitting given my role in other artistic pojects this year. I have an interest in how arts can be used for research purpose and how art can engage with communities outside of its own audience. I felt the Oscar Wilde Temple is a prime exhibition that demonstrated Fine Arts capabilities at engage outside audiences.

This year I took on another big project with friends, I art-directed and designed 'Parkup' with some friends from Imperial College. We designed an spatial installation that could engage audience from the age of 1 to the elderly to engage with the research made on the UAL campus.

we did 3 engagement activities;

a parklet, designed by Meristem, a small, car park sized space that is used for a pedestrian (as oppose to car) orientate activity space. a space we filled with seating and high pollutant absorbing plants.

For young children an activity board, design your own city.

and last, a 'seeds of change- plant your own and take away a plant. I came up with concepts and helped build installation, designing and making the activity games. Whilst my friends at Imperial worked hard on the logistics and research for the project. 

Both UAL and Imperial were  funders for the project.

More info here

This year is also the first time that I have directed and lead workshops: for masks, painting, drawing and more. This has been an important part of my process as I will focus my work to have some active and engaging elements!

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