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My CHOICES of Lighting

I knew I would have a blank canvas (Dark Room in lighting terms) as I was having a protector- this meant I could be creative and free with lighting

Starting with a dark room, 1 projector.

I wanted a dramatic atmosphere and wanted high contrast between objects in the room and the projector. I wanted the objects to be dramatic and theatrical like the references below, see the First Nations reference below or the full blog post here.

I needed narrow beems and spots lights to keep f=dramatic effect and also, practically, I DIDN't want the room to be lit or the projector image to wash out by bright lighting.

Warm Glow: I chose to use warm coloured gels because I had sourced my 'fieldnote' paper from a 1940's artsketchbook.

The paper is extremely orange and stained as it is OLD. As I wanted the 'blown up sketch' to match I chose to use a warm orange gel that would warm the paper so that all the field note sketches would colour match!


Lights and Special Effect


Still form Euphoria,

The lighting in Euphoria dramatises and creates a mood for the scenes.

This video demonstrates the importance of lighting and the mood it can create. Working in the theatre and attending and assisted at a  lighting workshops (Photo's below) and lighting a fasion shoot (Photo's below) made me conscious of the importance of lighting to create an atmosphere and experiential feel.

Spectacle and Theatre: a heightened experience



The First Nations exhibition was once an ethnographic display, a celebration of culture and it had a focus on cultures past and present.

On the other hand, theatrical lighting created an exotic and theatrical spectacale of a living culture. Whilst large totems and carved wooden benches are most likely to be found in the Native envionment, the lights and sound definately carved an exciting exotic experience. the Learning and particpation seciton of the exhibition was more better lit.

At one point, I was disieved into thinkin that a plain white baby carrier was a sexy trippy mirage of swerling purple and pink. Then waving my hand above the vitrine I found out the theatrical trick.

Lighting is an essential part of creating mood and atmophere. Whilst in theory you would hope that an education display is the most objective it can be it is important to recognise that everything is subjective, so if you are trying to grab people's attention, why not sustain it with a fun experience.


Lighting workshop,

Results ----->

I learned how to work with different lights with different effects and differnt type of colours, glows, windows etc.

Screenshot 2019-09-02 at 23.36.14.png
Screenshot 2019-09-02 at 23.35.28.png

Learning to light through assisting- MaLene Oddershede Bache

Lighting and photography, Jonathan Sendal

Assited by me

I learned how to use lights for atmosphere, warmth. how it bounces, fills a room, etc.

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