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Guardian of the Underground:


Wooden sculpture carved from a branch found chopped from a tree in Markfield park, Tottenham

Polydoh (biogradable, remouldable plastic)

fills the gaps of the sculpture. As the poly-doh is reusable and bio-degradable,I suggest it is a preferable material to material in the found toothbrush's that I found for my assemblage

Assemblage: Glass Terrarium

Glass Jar (Full of empty Balloon canisters)

Painting: Tooth Brush  Abstraction

Working from the details of toothbrushes I loosely and quickly made a series of patterns that grew further away from the original object. the overall effect is that it creates a rhythm to the work. By abstracting the pattern and repeating it, it changes the way in which an audience perceive it. the mundane and ordinary becomes exotic and extraordinary. More notes on my methods of ABSTRACTION can be found here

This piece highlights my growing interest in using the materials that are of the everyday (found objects- drain coverage) and toothbrushes. I use a local material found in a nearby park. I learned woodcarving whilst away and this is the first large scale item I have created using the skills I learned. I made a totem-like pole:  influenced by my trip to Canada; I saw the First Nation exhibition at the Royal British Columbia Museum.

I started straight away with the axe to 'see what the wood' had to say to me. This is the influence of the Balinese carving techniques that I learned in Bali. Doing this process of not-planning made me realise that there are pro's and cons to planning.

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