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Curious, absorbed, amazed, naïve, bewildered, disturbed, unnerved and discomforted…I am fascinated by the repetition of daily life.

Repetition that transforms activity into sacred ritual. My work draws from ethnographic devises imersion, observation, participation and informant interviews. I use a wide range of media to interpret, process and explore my experiences of the culture that surrounds me.


At first, repetitive movements appear familiar and insignificant yet put them under a microscopic lens and they shift into an exotic realm: we see the uncanny and the absurd.


Taking the everyday as a subject, the work orbits themes of  identity and it engages with its inherently political and psychological dimensions.

Key elements of anthropological text inform my work. I consider

Arnold Van Gennep's three stage model of ritual structure: Preliminal, liminal and postliminal phases and Victor Turner provides a useful description of liminality and communitas to understand social collectivity of ritual. The ritual process leads participants through stages that transforms their identities and creates new social bonds. I use these interpretations to observe my surrounding culture: Grooming, brushing teeth and morning commutes. By examining everyday ritual we uncover great mythologies that form our daily experience.



The Koppel Project, August 2019

Imperial Festival, Exhibition Road, 2019

Lombok,Tottenham Court Road, June 2019

Cadagon Hall, Salone Square, June, 2019

The Nunnery, April, 2019

A Portugese Love Affair, April, 2019

Islands of Imagination: An Indonesian Cultural Late, Asia House, London, February 2019

Artopia,Yunus Emre Insititute, January 2019

Rites and Ritual, Artcore, Derby, December 2018- January 2019

Mask Exhibition, Embassy of the Republic Indonesia, London, November 2018

The Face of Amerta, Lansdown Hall and Gallery, Stroud, 2018

Exhibition, Fountayne Road Open Warehouse Day, August 2018

Exposed, Ben Oakley Gallery, London, 11 – 14 August 2016


Nausicaa24, Amsterdam, December 2018

Sheroes' Journey, Open Warehouse Day, London 2018  



MA, Painting, Wimbledon College of Art, UAL


Darmassiswa Scholar at Institut Seni Indonesia Denpasar, ISI Denpasar, Indonesia

BSc, Social Anthropology, The London School of Economics and Political Sciences (LSE)

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