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From the Yellow series that I produced, I start to see my fascination with the London Tube that carries through to my later work (see the Movement Ritual of the Renodnol Tribe) as a site of observation to start this body of work. I have taken the iconic yellow colour that can be found in the mind the gap writings and the warning tape on the stairs, combining the colour with a tape I experimented to produce the following series.

Abstracting the colour from the original context allow me to open up and experiment with materials and composition of various objects.

Working with one reference of a site really opens up space for me to be creative and play as an artist.

Materials: Moving away from a traditional paint medium to electrical tape allowed me move away from the Tube as a subject to represent to the Tube as an abstract reference.

The bright depiction of colour used to frame images sets a joyous or comical tone.

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