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Artist's make a stand #Nopetoarms,

From Nope to Hope, a collective of over 40 artists who pull their work from the Design Museum on the 2nd of August as a response to the Museum hosting Leonardo, giant arms trade fair, on the 17th of July.

Exhibition showcasing charity's From Nope to Hope exhibition.

Work displayed on temporary fencing on the basement floor of Brixton's community gym. The community setting, directly accessible to the masses serves as a stark contrast to the usual spaces that serves to show artist's work. Alongside works pulled from the Design museum other artist's come activists celebrate their voice and visual expression.

The room full of inspiring works illuminate art's activity and use in political real. A Giant, 40ft Kracken shadows the onlooker from the ceiling. the puppet was an art that accompanied over 200 sea-dressed protesters who ambitiously took over of the British Museum for BP or not BP to surprise and rally against the Museum's sponsorship from massive oil company BP. Other works name and shame using gifs, posters, sketchbooks and graphic work.

The examples below are a selection of various posters, or Brandalism (2012-present) that use everyday corporate advertising spaces to tackle everyday social issues.

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