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Dear Mr Ratus


Dear Mr Ratus

I know your there.

You soak into my mind

And then you are there.

Your trails of shit left on the bathroom floor

Tell me that you are there.


I sat their simply, working away-

I knew you were there.

My busy eyes swept the floor

Flicking up and down the pages

Drinking in the words of the evening

The sounds of the syllables fluttered and chattered-

around my brain

Alone, I worked

I saw you were there.


Hearing a crunch

I look up

I bounce the bed- the noise stops

As I looked up the tables disappeared

The music stills

Return to work

But your still there.


A glug of my drink

A rat on the floor

A man at the bar

They meet

Eyes hold still

Turn- my book face down

Rat, I see you there


Moving forward

A shadow beneath the bed

The black patch darts out

Rat- there

Slithering over my books

Scuttling over my cloths

Rat- there

Dirtying them: spraying them

Transforming them into weapons

A marked territory laced with poison

The thick, black tail twitches and flicks

Man stoopng low

Rat climbing high

You are there.


Attack, defence.


You play your cards

bending- words and memory to shape your game.

Sick, shallow game

In a world where the rules aren't fair

Rat, you were there.

Uncovering peoples' tricks

Building armour strong

Pouring hope into a stranger

Experiencing their betrayal

Rat you live there.

Its wise to prefere strangers

In a world where trust is for losers and those who know it will win the game.

Rat you are still over there.


I bark.

I pick up the broom and thrust it down

Bark bark bark

No longer a whimpering puppy, i'm a fully grown bitch.

Rat you remain there.

Piercing eyes, shaking limbs, a curdling squeal. The rat scurries backward: reversing to cowardly lingering behind the curtain, a shadow at the foot of my bed



Rat, I place you there

The Pitbull waits outside ready to lock her jaws.

Rat she will meet you there.

The curtain draws back

Running skyward 

I see you dart through the gaps

The swish of your tail

Imprints on my mind

Rat you were once there.


Your trails of shit left on the bathroom floor tell me that you were once there.






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