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Application to Lowstakes Festival using my Current practice:

The work emphasises the absurd nature of categorisation through art and performance. With exagerated gest (Humour) two artists desperately try to find there identity and that of the other: - Ritualistically putting on cloths and animal masks- trying to fit into the cube.

Audience participation: 1) Actors ask members from the audience to help them chose outfits 2) Actors ask audience members to pick outfits and to go inside/ fit into the cube. 3) Actors ascking the audience to help/force the actors into the cube.

Context: Our minds draw towards categories. Since the greeks we have talked about a hierarchal world order, dividing: nature and culture, god, man and animal. Int the 18thc, scientist formalised categories and ordered species in taxonomical systems, the influence of which we can see in Natural history museums, films, documentries, zoos etc. Today, we categorise types of people, types of animals, types of places and so forth, creating fixed walls of identity when actually relations between things and identies fluid.

Projct: Build a category (cube) that can be assembled and reassembled throughout performances- Build in residency. (Materials= Wood)

Props: Cube + A dressing up box of different animal masks/parts + A mirror

Coming doon:

Notes on art as a sustainable practice

notes on the work: work:life balance

Earning money: selling work, commissions and illustration


Notes on the audience of my work: art in shows and art in public


Notes on the materials of my work

Notes on building a networks

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