Akeim Toussaint Buck Workshop

Windows of Displacement


Autobiographical stories of memories and movement

Working with his body and voice at the core, Akeim Toussain Buck explores narratives of migration and contemporary social issues through a sophisticated blend of...

This year London's Book Fair presents Indonesia as its Market Focus. As part of the run up to London Book Fair, Asia House hosts a cultural late with contemporary Indonesian: Art, Poetry, Textiles Fashion, Music, Food and Masks.

In partnership with the British...


Doug Fishbone Slaps Together Speech and Image in Engaging Performance Lecture

Mashing together mere 1200 images downloaded straight from the internet to create his narrative arch as he fluidly walks his audience through a a landscape of political thought and culture....

Whilst walking around the first nation exhibition In Victoria, BC my eyes gravitate toward three glass vitrines. Sheets of glass separate me and the cultural artefact inside, I am aware that separated by the glass, the contents of the vitrine is distinctly 'other'. In...


Loie Hollowell use of symetry and geometric symbols reminds me of work Georgina Houghton and Hilma af Klint. Similar use of symbolic abstraction, geometry and colour refer to the abstract nature of icons whilst she uses them to express female form. Through texture and...


From Nope to Hope, a collective of over 40 artists who pull their work from the Design Museum on the 2nd of August as a response to the Museum hosting Leonardo, giant arms trade fair, on the 17th of July.

Exhibition showcasing charity's From Nope to Hope exhibition.


Born in 1964, South Korean, Lee Bull's work deeply reflects on her political and social environment. From 1961 to 1987 Korean had an authoritarian rule followed by democratisation (1988-97). During this time, women's art movements work advocated for women's rights and...


Jordon Wolfson's larger than life puppet was certaintly uncanny however has he misssed a trick?

Jordon wolfson gives us the familiar: a traditionally characterful puppet: a young boy dressed in bright guerish colours evokes innocence and childhood memories. However, the...

During a 9 month residency, Bali, Indonesia I went numerous times to 'Rumah Wayang and Topeng'. This translates as: House of Masks and Puppets. The Museum along side live rituals and dances informed my Mask Making practice


Animality brings together a collection of over 70 artists with a variety of animal guests. Life size portraits, raven headed men, a glimpse into a mouses home. A hall of wonders provokes audiences to consider their relationships to non-human others.

Chitchatting of the...

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