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Lygia Pape

Central to Brazils Neo-Concrete movement, Lygia Pap's work focuses on geometric abstractions from 2 D depictions translating work into 3D objects in space allowing the viewer a sensorial experience.

I her work  work at the Hauser and Wirth exhibition. My initial attraction for this work grew from the illusionary experience I felt as the silver strings drifted in and out of vision: the lighting effect successfully gave a sense of their ephemeral reality. The notion of abstracting geometric forms has stayed in my mind as I explore the oscillation between the form of an object and its suggestion through drawing. After writing my essay on Human and Animal relationships I have started to focus on the cube both in its 2D depiction in painting and its construction in wood and metal. 

Extraordinary artists, Nancy Milken investigates organic materials by burning, freezing, ripping, tying and anything else she can think of to turn farm based materials into grand sculptures. Her work subtly activates an audience to put down their phones, step outside of their cars and to smell the fresh air... or the stench of dried skin, manure and all the other worldly smells.


Generously, Nancy gave me two hours of her time so that I could ask her about her practice. Notes on this interview shall be put up soon.

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