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An Addict just Lied

An addict just lied

Just lied through their teeth

They had no teeth.

An addict just lied

If the addict had two front teeth-

Then they lied straight through them

But, lips parted, revealing a dark brown whole.

Words rolled off a tounge

Whistling through gaps of the teeth

Out into the air

Reverberating around a piss smelling corridor.

Lies bounced around the corridor:

Hoping to ring in the ears of the listener

Hoping to pull on the strings of a heart

The addict just lied. 

Words pouring out through gaps in the mouth

Bouncing off concreted walls

Piss covered floors

Words stank of lies

But truth of desperation lay told by eyes.

Doors open,

Boxes close

In hope they heard the click of footsteps

Andd in hope they hoped:

That the sound would quieten as they moved further away

Hold your breath in hope

they held

the breath they inhaled and with it they hoped. 


Door opened,

The click of shoes carried a presence

They sounded and clicked

But they did not quieten and they did not go away. 

Instead they pulled closer.


Shifting from foot to foot,  moving towards them.


The light from the door shone upon her,

Illuminated ginger locks that fell around her,

Locks framing a freckled face- used to define her,

The light from the door jumped to her locks, the locks that framed a freckled face, a face that looked up, lips parting to reveal a dark brown whole.


As lies flowed out truth set in her eyes.

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